Ecology, our most fondamental value



Through its commitments and work since its creation in 2009, Ben Touch Group has consistently put ecology at the heart of its field of action. 

From the creation in 2011 of its own R&D laboratory dedicated to developing new surface protection products, to its massive investment in the Energy Observer project in 2012, Ben Touch Group has historically placed ecology at the top of its value pyramid.

Countless products are the fruit of the hard work of our laboratory researchers. Our daily commitments to protect our planet: To consume better and to protect materials so as to greatly reduce waste and water & energy consumption.



Drastically reducing waste​

Through its R&D laboratory, Ben Touch Group has made one goal in particular part of its DNA: to develop innovative ecological solutions to significantly reduce waste. This goal entails extending the lifespan of treated materials and surfaces by developing products with exceptional properties. ‘Consume less to preserve the environment’ is the motto of Ben Touch Group.


Significantly reducing water & energy consumption

Our lab’s research has also focused on the excessive use of water & energy during maintenance work. Whether it is roofing, facades, public buildings, glazing or solar panels, the Ben Touch Group is committed to selling products that greatly reduce the need for surface maintenance.

panneaux coucher soleil

Developing new products with high environmental added value​

In the past, many companies developed new products with a supposedly lower environmental footprint. Yet these very products were harmful to the planet in other ways. In other words, by solving one problem, these companies were creating another.

Ben Touch Group is dedicated to developing new formulas with high environmental added value –  by minimising as much as possible the impact the composition of its products has on the planet.

green money

Truly combining ecology and economics​

One of the main obstacles to promoting ecology around the world is its inevitable relationship with economics. For far too long, ecology was exclusively reserved for an elite with the means to invest in expensive systems and products that while being good for the environment were not so good for the company’s coffers, especially when Return on Investment was not the intended goal.

Ben Touch Group is committed to democratising ecology by fully and truly coupling it with the economy so that everyone can help preserve our planet.


The first to support the Energy Observer project

Energy Observer is the world’s first fully energy-autonomous vessel to sail around the world. As it is powered exclusively by renewable energies (i.e. solar, hydrogen and wind) which are both clean and inexhaustible, the vessel is able to cover long distances at sea.

historique energy observer
historique energy observer02

As early as 2012, when the vessel was still an old 1983 racing catamaran, Ben Touch Group was the first French company to support Victorien Érussard and his team. Five years on, the project’s goal has now been achieved: Energy Observer left the port of Saint-Malo to embark on a tour of France and the Mediterranean. Energy Observer’s round-the-world programme, due to be completed in 2023, includes 101 stopovers in 50 countries. This around-the-world project represents a huge scientific and human challenge.

technitoit partenaire energy observer

Ben Touch, a pioneer in such a commitment to Energy Observer, has provided more than just financial support. The Pr. Phobe research laboratory has also applied a revolutionary product to several of the vessels on-board photovoltaic panels.  The product is designed is to protect the panels from negative environmental factors, especially salt water, thereby slowing down age-related degradation and increasing output. The first results, which are very conclusive, confirm the ambition of Pr. Probe to develop a new product that can effectively protect residential solar panels. This represents a great scientific leap forward for the future.

historique energy observer03

All the commitments we have made are a testament to how much we believe in preserving the environment. For the well-being of our children, we are convinced that progress and innovation must go hand in hand with ecology. Because it is not only citizens that have an essential role to play, it is also companies. Ben Touch will continue to fully play its part.