The company’s core values
from the outset



How can we change our way of life and the way we consume? How can we prevent objects, surfaces and materials from degrading through age as much as possible? How can we significantly reduce waste with the help of environmentally friendly products? The answer is and will always be through innovation. And not only through our own R&D laboratory.

Since its creation in 2009, Ben Touch Group has been committed to tackling environmental issues that will shape our future. Our teams embrace an eco-responsible attitude, and can count on the support of managers who are keen to change mindsets. Better consumption through innovation: this is the key to shaping the world of tomorrow by focusing research on innovative and environmentally friendly products.


A team of specialist researchers

For us to be able to have full control over our production chain and our interests, at Ben Touch Group we have made innovation a cornerstone of our development. To this end, in 2011, we recruited a team of researchers, some of whom have worked in several countries around the world, to set up the Pr. Phobe R&D laboratory.

Through this laboratory, our team has free rein to work on innovative solutions for tomorrow’s world.

Creating value and growth

Because innovation and anticipating needs go hand in glove, Ben Touch Group has acquired a number of high-performance technological tools over the years. Internally, for example, we invested millions of euros in a tailor-made information system designed to facilitate the daily work of all our employees. We have also developed virtual reality applications that allow users to discover services just as if they were really there.

And for the laboratory, we have acquired the latest scientific techniques and systems to enable our researchers to innovate in the best conditions possible.

realite virtuelle

Internal employee development policies made for people

Having excellent staff helps enhance the Group’s profile. While it’s good to take on great people, it’s even better to keep them by implementing internal policies that promote employee development and a positive working environment. Ben Touch Group does more than just give its teams the technical means and resources to innovate. We want to ensure that all our employees feel good, and become engaged in a long-term project where they can give their best.

The development of our teams is our guiding principle and key to our success. So let’s develop tomorrow’s world together!