Innovations at the heart of our business

How to fight against the ever increasing number of waste in the world? By what means can man reduce his consumption of water and energy? Researchers in our R & D laboratory, created by Ben Touch in 2011, are constantly asking this question in their research.

Researchers in our laboratory Pr. Phobe, located in Maine-et-Loire (49), are developing new revolutionary surface protection products by developing new innovative formulas. Specialized in new technologies, the laboratory works on a daily basis to allow treated materials and surfaces to resist external aggressions and thus prolong their life. The idea: to protect treated surfaces so that liquids and other soils can not penetrate deep into the material, while allowing it to breathe.

The positive effects for our eco-system are multiple

  • Maintenance is spaced out over time, saving up to 90% water and energy
  • Objects and surfaces treated “live longer”, resulting in a drastic reduction in the number of waste
  • The composition of products is much more environmental friendly than current cleaning products, like the bleach that is harmful to the planet.

Ecology and economics: two notions that are not antagonistic.

With Pr. Phobe, Ben Touch wants to show that it is possible to combine ecology and economy. Pr. Phobe retards the aging of treated materials, and thus their replacement. There is no need to change objects as soon as they are dirty, since Pr. Phobe allows them to be easily cleaned and protected in the long run.

Agile, our laboratory adapts to all the requests of the professionals and manufacturers. Innovation is the permanent goal of our researchers, with an active work on the functionalization of all surfaces, which opens perspectives in many markets around the world. Pr. Phobe is currently working on new formulas with unique characteristics. New products will soon be on the market, as long as the test phases are finally completed.

At the same time, the Ben Touch Group invests in companies and projects with high added value (Europe Énergie, E-Cassini, Energy Observer …), whose innovation and ecology are the watchwords.

Our ideas are our strength

Whether it’s formulas found in our lab, the sales support software we imagine and develop for our merchant sites, or the innovative measurement tools awarded at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, the innovative ideas that emerge from our companies are the driving force of our activity.

Customized solutions

Meeting the needs of an industrialist or a profession allows us to lay the foundations of our innovations. How to make a roof no longer dirty and clean itself? How can public buildings be protected from damage caused by pollution or vandalism? How to reduce the costs of measuring the cadastre in a municipality? These questions, simple and legitimate, deserve to be asked. Ben Touch works every day to respond effectively by providing tailor-made solutions.

Innovation via phygital marketing

The companies of the Ben Touch Group make intensive use of the latest technologies in terms of digital marketing, both for SEO / SEA and on commercial monitoring, for a thorough analysis of our customers’ buying habits. However, the opening of physical stores remains absolutely essential: our companies thus use the best of both worlds, virtual and real, to innovate in phygital marketing (physical and digital).

New generation technologies

The company E-cassini has demonstrated its mastery of next-generation technologies by being completely part of the movement of the Big Data: a mass of phenomenal data at the service of a simple need of everyday life of municipalities. It’s all here: making the best of technology available to everyone.


Le Groupe Bentouch s'est imposé depuis des années dans le secteur de la rénovation et du bâtiment en général au travers de Technitoit ou d'Europe Énergie, ainsi que dans la recherche de solutions d'avenir pour la protection et la fonctionnalisation de surfaces avec son laboratoire de R&D Pr. Phobe. C'est un groupe en pleine expansion dans tous les domaines qu'il touche, aussi bien physique que digital.


For many years, Bentouch Group has been involved in the home renovation business and building sector in general through Technitoit or Europe Énergie, as well as in the search for future solutions in the protection and functionalization of surfaces throught its R&D laboratory Pr. Phobe. The group is constantly expanding in all areas that it touches, both physical and digital.


Bentouch Grubu, yıllardır Technitoit veya Europe Énergie vasıtasıyla genel olarak tadilat ve inşaat sektöründe, ve yüzeylerin korunması ve işlevselleştirilmesi için kendi laboratuvarında gelecek için çözüm arayışı içerisindedir. Hem fiziksel hem de dijital olarak dokunduğu her alanda büyüyen bir gruptur.

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