Activating the levers of growth



Ben Touch Group was initially created in 2009 to support Technitoit’s double-digit annual growth, but the Group did not stop at achieving excellent results in its main market of home renovation.

Since 2009, Benjamin Erisoglu and the Management of the French holding company have pursued a policy of massive investment, both internally and externally. How did they achieve this? By activating several major levers designed to attain the same goal: to anticipate developments in the various markets through a long-term vision. Today, more than 10 years on, this winning investment strategy has allowed Ben Touch Group to continue to enjoy exponential growth.

Increased support for research at the Group's R&D laboratory

One of the drivers of Ben Touch Group’s exponential development is its ever-growing investment in its R&D laboratory. A team of experienced researchers work daily to develop new and innovative formulas. This hard work is essential for the Group’s long-term goals and development. It enables the Group to be totally independent and offer our customers our own products that are the fruit of years of research.

Since its creation, more than 10M Euros has already been invested in the laboratory. And every year, we invest even more in our laboratory to ensure that the promising new research carried out by our researchers is properly funded.

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Business support and advice for the development of high-potential startups

Business support and advice for the development of high-potential startups

Historically, Ben Touch Group has grown by successfully launching new companies in markets with excellent development prospects. The growth of the company has therefore been made possible thanks to the avant-garde vision of our managers, who have always been able to anticipate the evolution of those markets.

At Ben Touch Group, we stand firm on our values. We are committed to providing support and coaching to startups that share our vision.

This means that we provide financial backing to the companies of tomorrow, thereby helping them develop their full potential. The support we offer goes far beyond the financial aspect. Through our creative agency Ben Touch Digital, we focus on investing in the entrepreneurs themselves. We strongly believe in supporting virtuous models and meaningful brands.

Our agency, specialised in digital media, marketing & communication strategies, web development, client acquisition, and graphic design, is keen to share its know-how and skills with startups with a view to helping them grow into successful companies. Our BTD experts provide unfailing support to entrepreneurs on a whole range of subjects, from product packaging, shop design, website creation, through to acquisition strategy.  

Massive development in the energies of the future

The common thread running through all of Ben Touch Group’s development strategies is its massive investment in green energy. The use of fossil fuels, still the predominant source of energy in Europe and beyond, is (finally) being reduced throughout the world. For the first time, electricity consumption from renewable energies in 2020 exceeded that from fossil fuels, which is certainly promising news for our common future.

Through the work of our researchers in our R&D laboratory, e.g. with the discovery of new eco-friendly surface protection products, and through our investments in young startups with high environmental added value, at Ben Touch Group, we are committed to green investment that will protect our planet. To ensure that, this time, we truly connect ecology and economics.

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