Ecology, our most fundamental value

The Ben Touch Group’s ambition is to develop new technologies in the future in order to improve the lives of all of us. But these changes, essential for the future of our planet, can not be achieved without bringing an ecological dimension to each of our commitments and the products that our researchers develop within our research and development laboratory.

That’s why Ben Touch always focused on projects with a human and environmental dimension. Among them, of course, is our commitment to Energy Observer, since the genesis of this fabulous project.

The genesis of Energy Observer

Energy Observer is indeed the first fully autonomous energy ship to sail around the world. By relying on renewable energies (solar energy, hydrogen, wind), the boat is able to travel long distances at sea using only clean and renewable energies.

From 2012, when the ship was still a former 1983 racing catamaran, the Ben Touch Group was the first French company to support Victorien Érussard and his team. 5 years later, the objective was achieved: Energy Observer left the harbor of Saint-Malo to initially perform the tour of France and the Mediterranean sea. A total of 101 stopovers across 50 countries are on the Energy Observer world tour scheduled for completion in 2023. A huge scientific and human challenge across the globe!

Pr. Phobe products tested in extreme situations

But Ben Touch, a pioneer in this commitment alongside Energy Observer, has not only provided financial support to Energy Observer: the research laboratory Pr. Phobe has applied a revolutionary product on several on-board photovoltaic panels. Objective: to protect the panels from external aggressions, in particular salt water, in order to delay their aging and to increase their yield. The first results, very conclusive, confirm the ambition of Pr. Phobe to develop a new product to effectively protect all solar panels installed at home. A great scientific breakthrough for the future.

Through all of our commitments, we therefore attach great importance to the preservation of the environment. For us, progress and innovation necessarily mean ecology for the well-being of our children. Beyond the citizens, companies also have a vital role to play. Ben Touch will continue to take his share.

nettoyage building

Substantial water savings

Surfaces that are functionalized with water-repellent or hydrophobic products acquire the property of chasing water, which leads to less smear: maintenance is then less difficult because rainwater has already done most of the work. Pr. Phobe’s Smartwindows solutions promise to drastically reduce the amount of water required for window maintenance on buildings, for example.

Adaptation to extreme conditions

The planet, in its diversity, proposes totally different climatic conditions. The solutions developed by the Pr. Phobe laboratory can adapt to the most extreme local climatic conditions, such as sandstorms, saline environments, hot weather, snow or cold … Any solution must be the most suitable possible to its environment.

Protecting nature to continue to draw inspiration

Our solutions developed in our laboratory are largely inspired by what we find in nature. Nature is so wonderfully complex that there are bound to be incredible discoveries to make. That is why it is essential for us to safeguard nature’s riches to be able to continue to innovate thanks to it.

Commit to the climate

Moving to renewable energies will be a key issue for the future of the planet: fossil fuels are responsible for global warming, which in the short term will cause a tragedy for millions of people in the face of rising water levels. For this reason, and because Technitoit is the roofing specialist, the company has decided to launch solar self-consumption, an energy of the future whose installation will soon be financed by the government.


Le Groupe Bentouch s'est imposé depuis des années dans le secteur de la rénovation et du bâtiment en général au travers de Technitoit ou d'Europe Énergie, ainsi que dans la recherche de solutions d'avenir pour la protection et la fonctionnalisation de surfaces avec son laboratoire de R&D Pr. Phobe. C'est un groupe en pleine expansion dans tous les domaines qu'il touche, aussi bien physique que digital.


For many years, Bentouch Group has been involved in the home renovation business and building sector in general through Technitoit or Europe Énergie, as well as in the search for future solutions in the protection and functionalization of surfaces throught its R&D laboratory Pr. Phobe. The group is constantly expanding in all areas that it touches, both physical and digital.


Bentouch Grubu, yıllardır Technitoit veya Europe Énergie vasıtasıyla genel olarak tadilat ve inşaat sektöründe, ve yüzeylerin korunması ve işlevselleştirilmesi için kendi laboratuvarında gelecek için çözüm arayışı içerisindedir. Hem fiziksel hem de dijital olarak dokunduğu her alanda büyüyen bir gruptur.

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