Created in 2011, the Pr. Phobe laboratory of the Ben Touch Group aims to discover and market, through its directly integrated team of researchers, new innovative and ecological surface protection products to improve the daily lives of everyone.

The laboratory, specialising in new technologies, initially developed several innovative products in the home improvement sector: colourless water-proof, antifoam and hydro-oil water proofing. Another range of protection, cleaning and surface maintenance products has also been launched for the general public, traders and B2B manufacturers.

The revolutionary waterproofing Pr. Phobe Textiles & Leather, launched in April 2016 at the Foire de Paris, is now present in several hundred sales outlets in France. In addition, many mass-market stores have already announced their desire to add the product to their shelves in 2020.

After more than 5 years of research, the laboratory’s researchers have also developed other innovative surface protection solutions, including the Anti-Graffiti range for glazing, plaster, concrete or stone.

The sites of Pr. Phobe:

Innovate by taking inspiration from nature

Our researchers have taken inspiration from nature to create innovative ranges of protection and surface functionalization. For example, drops of water that pearl on lotus leaves inspired our hydrophobic products.

A first innovation, already a success

The first product to come out of the lab for the public audience is “Textile and Leather Waterproofing”, already distributed in nearly 500 stores in France.

Customized products

The aim of the laboratory is to respond precisely to demands for protection: the industrial cleaning sector, for example on public buildings, will find great interest in anti-graffiti products and self-cleaning glazing.

Integration in an industrialization process

Formulas developed in the Pr. Phobe Laboratory can be integrated on demand with industrial manufacturing processes to add value to products.

The research laboratory

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ranges of products


years of research


treated pairs of shoes
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Le Groupe Bentouch s'est imposé depuis des années dans le secteur de la rénovation et du bâtiment en général au travers de Technitoit ou d'Europe Énergie, ainsi que dans la recherche de solutions d'avenir pour la protection et la fonctionnalisation de surfaces avec son laboratoire de R&D Pr. Phobe. C'est un groupe en pleine expansion dans tous les domaines qu'il touche, aussi bien physique que digital.


For many years, Bentouch Group has been involved in the home renovation business and building sector in general through Technitoit or Europe Énergie, as well as in the search for future solutions in the protection and functionalization of surfaces throught its R&D laboratory Pr. Phobe. The group is constantly expanding in all areas that it touches, both physical and digital.


Bentouch Grubu, yıllardır Technitoit veya Europe Énergie vasıtasıyla genel olarak tadilat ve inşaat sektöründe, ve yüzeylerin korunması ve işlevselleştirilmesi için kendi laboratuvarında gelecek için çözüm arayışı içerisindedir. Hem fiziksel hem de dijital olarak dokunduğu her alanda büyüyen bir gruptur.

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