Efficiency, creativity and innovation : three words to sum up the Group’s integrated communications agency

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Ben Touch Digital (BTD) is the integrated creative agency of Ben Touch Group.

Established in 2018, BTD manages the strategic development, communication, marketing and IT for all the Group’s brands. BTD’s clients are exclusively internal to Ben Touch Group. This makes it possible for the BTD team to take projects to their maximum potential, to always be a great source of ideas, and to give themselves the means to achieve their objectives.

The BTD team consists of a range of experts in various fields: branding, web marketing, creative design, public relations, social networks, web development, and IT. The team is clearly in a position to meet all its clients’ needs.

A breathtaking development

After embracing digital, BTD doubled the size of its staff in the space of only a year, to currently 30 people. With the recruitment of specialists in web-marketing (e.g. SEO, SEA, SMO, Influencer Management), the already great team has now grown even stronger.  The strategies of the group’s brands have evolved accordingly, with immediately results being felt in terms of client development.

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The team and its skills continue to grow in response to new needs and new clients. The latest development saw the creation of a web development division within BTD. All our clients’ websites and apps are now fully developed and deployed internally within the Group. This limits the number of intermediaries between BTD and our clients as much as possible, which in turn enables us not only to be as relevant as possible to clients’ needs, but also to be even more agile, responsive and to act even faster.

Ben Touch Digital is :


At every stage of a project, from concept to strategy and production through to client handover, the creative agency sets itself ever higher standards, thereby ensuring that the work delivered is of the highest quality.

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Creativity is BTD’s driving force. It’s what drives our teams every day: we are constantly on the lookout for new market developments. We believe in trying new ideas and adapting them, to exploit the full potential of our creativity. Whether it’s for communication media, graphic design and video production, or even for methodologies, concepts and applications, the BTD team never fails to surprise.


BTD is organised into 5 areas of expertise, all of which work closely together. Team spirit and cohesion between the areas of expertise is key to the success of our projects. They are complementary teams that work together to ensure better client satisfaction.

A warm and caring atmosphere

At BTD, an inviting atmosphere prevails in the open-space office. The employees work in a structured and organised manner, showing kindness both to each other and clients. This makes for a more agile team, enabling it to move projects forward more swiftly and deliver them with confidence.