E-Cassini, an award-winning company at CES 2019 in Las Vegas

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E-Cassini, in which Ben Touch owns a partial stake, is an innovative company created in 2017 in Maine-et-Loire, France. E-Cassini is a collaborative platform for online management of space in the form of a 3D point cloud with centimetre-scale or millimetre-scale precision.

The team of expert surveyors can, for example, provide highly detailed descriptive information pertaining to any district in France or the world. This greatly simplifies the production of any type of map or geolocation data.

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Barely two years after its launch, E-Cassini has already conquered a number of markets in France. This year (2021), the company is already enjoying a significant increase in turnover.

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The power to find your way around

the 3D point cloud of your chosen geographical area, surveyed by experts who can guarantee the accuracy of the data and ensure that the data is made available online.

The power to measure

a height, distance, angle, surface area or volume, or to determine the exact position of an object, making your project so much easier.

The power to draw

any type of plan (e.g. network detection plans, street plans or facade plans), thanks to the tools available on the platform.

The power to gather data

about your chosen public space and the renovation works carried out, and to build a collaborative and shared database.

a revolutionary platform

Entering a new dimension

E-Cassini offers an exceptional platform that is 100% accessible via the internet and entirely devoted to the storage, use, management and updating of any type of descriptive data pertaining to public spaces and the content found therein.


For its outstanding Geo-Cassini solution, the company was awarded the Solar Impulse label. Only 1,000 companies in the world currently hold such a high Environmental Value Award. This label, which is a real testament to quality, is designed to reward companies that create innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.

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