Europe Energie, the perfect formula for truly combining economy and ecology

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Created in 2019 and spearheaded by a number of energy specialists, Europe Energie constitutes the logical continuation of Ben Touch Group’s environmental, economic and energy policy. At Ben Touch Group, we have long been aware that renewable energies represent the future of energy consumption, so we stopped at nothing to create this new company full of so many innovative ideas.

Europe Energie’s leitmotiv is to truly ensure that economic and environmental performance go hand in hand. 

For far too long companies operating in the solar energy market have put their financial profitability ahead of the interests of their customers. But such a strategy is not sustainable in the long term. Europe Energie is committed to providing a fair model for its customers by offering cutting-edge energy innovations that will also enable them to save money in the future.

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With its solar self-consumption systems and its heating, ventilation and domestic hot water solutions, Europe Energie is dedicated to driving this strong and sustainable sector. Many new branches and franchises are planned for the coming years.

Europe Energie website is :

Europe Energie is :

The ability to produce your own energy

Solar self-consumption means that owners consume the electricity generated by their own photovoltaic panels. This represents both an immediate financial gain and a strong gesture for the planet.

Long-term development

Europe Energie’s strategy is to be a long-term sustainable business through continuous growth and controlled production systems. Multiple new branches and franchises are already in the pipeline.

A fair customer treatment policy

Company sustainability means knowing how to respect your customers. This is certainly at the forefront of our minds at Europe Energie. Our policy is based on an absolute respect for our customers.

A daily commitment to the environment

Companies have a duty to imagine the world of tomorrow. At Europe Energie, we fully embrace this notion by promoting renewable energies, and new technologies for energy use: For a cleaner and healthier world.