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Founded by a team of experienced home renovation specialists, Mister Toiture is the latest addition to Ben Touch Group.

The company’s purpose is to offer its customers products & tools that can be viewed on the Mister Toiture website (i.e. online) whilst at the same time giving customers the opportunity to test the products and tools they are interested in directly in one of its ‘physical’ sales outlets. At Mister Toiture, we believe in offering very affordable prices so that all DIYers and professionals looking to buy equipment can do so without breaking the bank. The business strategy of Mister Toiture is to harness its vast expertise in phygital growth.

Mister Toiture offers a range of products & tools for roof renovation, guttering, windows and thermal insulation.

But that’s not all: Thanks to its large network of professionals, Mister Toiture can also refer customers to experienced professionals in the sector to carry out any renovation job for them. This diversified approach means that customers can make an informed choice before starting any renovation work: either to buy the necessary equipment and do the work themselves, or to call upon the services of the very best companies thanks to the expertise of Mister Toiture.

An agency showroom for viewing products

The company’s phygital strategy means that customers can visit a Mister Toiture showroom to discover the products they saw on the company’s website. If necessary, they can also benefit from valuable advice from the showroom teams.

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Unbeatable prices

The best home renovation products & tools at the best price: Mister Toiture believes that renovation products should be affordable for everyone, and therefore promotes an exceptional pricing policy.

Having renovation work done through Mister Toiture’s network of professionals

Mister Toiture’s experts with over 20 years’ experience in the home renovation market can advise private customers on having their work done by a professional selected by the company. This is an ideal 2-in-1 solution that enables customers to make a crucial decision with complete peace of mind.

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