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Created in 2011 by Ben Touch Group, the Pr. Phobe laboratory (part of the company that bears the same name) has already developed a large number of innovative products for the home renovation market: colourless water repellent, moss killer, and water & oil repellent. An additional range of surface protection, cleaning and maintenance products has also been launched for the general public, traders and B-to-B industries.

With the help of its team of researchers from its eponymous R&D laboratory, Pr.  Phobe’s mission is to discover and develop new innovative and ecological surface protection products designed to improve the daily lives of customers.

Its main goals include slowing age-related degradation of treated materials and surfaces, and drastically reducing the amount of waste as well as the use of water and energy. In other words: to protect our planet.

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After over 5 years of research, Pr. Phobe laboratory researchers have also developed other innovative surface protection solutions, including an anti-graffiti range for glazing, plaster, concrete and stone. Not to mention the lab’s unique product tested on Energy Observer’s solar panels, designed to improve panel performance by slowing age-related degradation. With the growing number of customers from all over the world, the avenues for development are very promising..

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Nature-inspired innovation

Our researchers look to nature to create innovative ranges of surface protection and surface functionalisation products. For example, our hydrophobic coating products were inspired by the way water droplets roll off lotus leaves.

The lab’s first innovation in 2016 and already a huge success

The first product to come out of the lab and intended for the general public was ‘Textiles & Leather Waterproofing’. It is now distributed in nearly 1,000 stores across France.

Tailor-made products

The lab aims to develop precise and tailored solutions to fulfil customers’ surface protection needs. For example, the lab’s anti-graffiti products and self-cleaning glazing will come as a godsend for the industrial cleaning sector, especially for use on public buildings.

Suitable for manufacturing processes

Solution integration into manufacturing processes For manufacturers looking to add value to their goods, the formulas developed in the Pr. Phobe laboratory can be incorporated into industrial manufacturing processes on request.

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Innovating to improve the world of tomorrow

The company Pr. Phobe enjoys direct links with Ben Touch Group’s laboratory.  A team of researchers have been working daily for over 10 years to develop new surface coating products. Thanks to their work, countless products designed to protect materials and ultimately reduce waste, water and energy consumption have been developed.


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