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Technitoit, founded in 2002 by Benjamin Erisoglu, is France’s leading company in home renovation for roofing, facades and insulation.

The company now has over 800 employees and more than 70 branches across France. Technitoit, which has already renovated more than 500,000 houses across France, operates in a booming and buoyant sector: more than 20 million houses will need renovating in the coming years.

Moreover, it was Technitoit that invented the innovative concept of the self-cleaning house, made possible by its TechnitoitColor waterproofing solution for roofs and facades.

This product is unique to the market, and was designed and developed in Ben Touch Group’s own R&D laboratory: Pr. Phobe. Technitoit is currently the only company in the French building & civil engineering market to be both a manufacturer and an applicator of its own waterproofing solution. This means it can not only fully manage all of its sites and production chain from A to Z, but also offer its customers warranties of up to 15 years.

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Since 2020, a dozen new franchised Technitoit agencies have opened up across France, a testament to the company’s strength and continued growth. Its objective now is to reach 150 points of sale by 2025.

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The concept of the self-cleaning house

Often copied but never equalled. Our strength: we fully control our R&D, product manufacturing, consultation services, installation and customer care. Technitoit is the only company that fully controls everything from A to Z.




A long-term development goal

Technitoit aims to continue its expansion across France, with a target to open 150 branches by 2025. Technitoit also intends to expand internationally.

Green energy, a sector of the future, un secteur d’avenir

A few years ago, the photovoltaic solar power sector suffered from a lot of bad press. The arrival on the market in 2017 of a trusted company like Technitoit has opened up immense opportunities for growth.

The constant pursuit of excellence

Always one step ahead of the competition! Our laboratory ensures that our products are always the best on the market. This excellence is greatly appreciated by our customers.

our manufacturing plant

Thanks to Technitoit's strong position in France's home renovation market, the company can boast its own manufacturing plant.

The home renovation sector is made up mainly of local tradesmen. Technitoit is unique in being the only independent company in the sector to distribute the flagship products and services it develops itself. This means that Technitoit technicians are the only operators who can use exclusive products for our customers. This policy allows us not only to use our own innovative products, but also to fully control our manufacturing chain from A to Z. And as you will surely agree, this is a definite advantage for customers.


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