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Who are we ?

Ben Touch Group, created in 2009, is a French holding company specialising in state-of-the-art technologies and new surface protection products that will shape the world of tomorrow. Our Group is committed to meeting the real needs of consumers by offering innovative solutions designed to address their concerns.

To that end, our Group creates and supports businesses that promote a combined ecology and economy model. Our objective is clear: to develop new eco-environmental solutions for a range of essential sectors of daily life including housing, food, well-being and technology.

Our growth as a Group is driven both by a phygital marketing strategy and a desire to continually invest in research.

With its cluster of growing virtuous companies in a variety of fields, Ben Touch Group has placed innovation and ecology at the heart of its DNA since its inception. 

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Employees working for each of the Group’s companies help ensure our success on a daily basis.

20 years
Our brands operate in highly innovative markets to meet the real needs of consumers.

Our companies

Building, surface treatment and digital specialists

The French leader in home renovation with a unique self-cleaning house concept.

The leading French specialist in eco-friendly energy-saving systems.

An innovative laboratory for research into the surface protection of materials.

Ben Touch Digital, the creative agency within the Ben Touch Group.

The best renovation tools and services available online at the best price.

An award-winning innovative company (CES 2019, Las Vegas).


Be at your side to help you have bold new ideas

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What makes us who we are​

The Environment

Ensuring that all our actions benefit the environment.

Our Creativity

Ensuring that all our ideas become a reality in the best possible way.

Our Bold Approach

Ensuring that all our research works to improve our daily lives.

Our Goals

Ensuring that all our goals are reached without compromise or concession.


The world's first energy-autonomous vessel

Energy Observer is the most ambitious technology project of recent years. It is exclusively powered by energy generated by its on-board renewable energy systems (e.g. wind, solar and hydrogen power). And in 2017, Energy Observer started an exceptional world tour to show that another world is indeed possible.  Thanks to Energy Observer, progress is being made in scientific research into energy efficiency. Ben Touch Group was the first French player not only to financially support the project in 2012, but also to successfully test its innovative products on the vessel’s solar panels.

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