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Created in 2009, Ben Touch Group is the parent company of Technitoit, the French leader in home renovation, and of Pr. Phobe, a company specialised in the research and marketing of innovative and eco-friendly surface protection products for both personal and professional customers. With its strong and sound companies, Ben Touch is an ambitious player interested in pursuing any proposal for development and growth. At Ben Touch, we are permanently focused on innovation and ecology in all sectors of activity. This focus has been at the heart of our DNA since the Group’s inception.

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Being bold

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Ecology is both a top priority for the development of our Group and a major challenge for our future.

Ecology is both a top priority for the development of our Group and a major challenge for our future. Our laboratory researchers work every day to develop new, eco-friendly surface protection products.

The success of our projects depends on our having a multidisciplinary team with the right skills.

That’s why we strive to recruit the best in their field, and to give talented young people a chance.

partage equipe

Sharing our knowledge and human values is what underpins the success of our company.

Building open and warm human relations is extremely important to us because they help us move the company forward. What better than coming to work each morning knowing that you’re sure to have a great day?

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Being bold

Being Bold
Not being afraid to try something new and to take risks is part of Ben Touch Group’s DNA.

From the work done by our researchers to advance science through to its implementation in the field and within our teams, Ben Touch never hesitates to venture into unknown territory!


Thanks to the expertise of Ben Touch Group, its different companies get to benefit from a phygital strategy in their business development.

For this, the Group offers powerful websites, mostly e-commerce, combined with offering the possibility for customers to visit the Group’s many physical sales outlets across France. This enables Ben Touch Group to reach out to and inspire thousands of additional potential customers. They can find the information they need and decide on the best solution in complete peace of mind.


The heart and purpose of our Group

Created in 2002, Technitoit was the first company to be founded by Benjamin Erisoglu. The company has gone on to become the market leader in home renovation, notably by offering an innovative concept that has driven its success: the self-cleaning house. Technitoit currently carries out around 30,000 projects a year, and boasts over 70 franchises.

Europe Energie is specialised in energy efficiency and home improvement, offering customers the most efficient energy systems on the market today. Europe Energie’s network is enjoying expansion, driven exclusively by franchises. 

The company Pr. Phobe, which designs and markets innovative surface coating products, started out in 2011 with a laboratory of the same name.  Its leitmotiv: to develop new formulas designed to protect materials coated with Pr. Phobe products.

Ben Touch Digital is Ben Touch Group’s fast-growing communications agency. With its team specialised in marketing and communications, Ben Touch Digital enables all Ben Touch Group companies to benefit from the best development strategies, particularly phygital strategies.

Mister Toiture, founded in 2021, is the most recent company to be launched by Ben Touch Group. Mister Toiture believes in offering affordable home renovation products for both professional and private consumers. It has opted for a phygital strategy, deploying both an e-commerce site and sales outlets across France.

e-Cassini was created in Maine-et-Loire, France in 2017. It was awarded at the 2019 CES Innovation Awards in Las Vegas. Ben Touch Group was immediately convinced by the exceptional potential of e-Cassini, and decided to invest in the young company to promote its growth, both in France and abroad.


The history of the Group

  • Founding of Technitoit

    Founding of the company Technitoit: The Self-Cleaning House in Angers, France, with 7 employees

  • Founding of a second Technitoit agency in Nantes, France

  • • Technitoit invested in its own Research & Development laboratory

    • In its R&D laboratory, Technitoit designed and developed TechnitoitColor, its own waterproofing solution for roofs and facades, making it the leading manufacturer and applicator in France

  • Technitoit opened its 10th agency in Saint-Nazaire, France

  • Since it was founded, Technitoit has doubled its turnover every year (currently 17.3 million Euros)

  • Founding of Bentouch

    Ben Touch Group was set up to support the exponential growth enjoyed by Technitoit

  • Technitoit reached the 500-employee mark

  • Founding of Pr. Phobe

    Ben Touch Group created Pr. Phobe, a new R&D laboratory designed to develop a range of building products as well as an innovative range of surface protection products.

  • • Technitoit reached the 200,000-customer mark in France for the first time since its creation, and achieved a turnover of 78 M

    • Technitoit launched its first franchised agency, marking a new turning point in the company's development.

  • • After more than 5 years of research, Ben Touch, through its R&D laboratory Pr. Phobe, launched a revolutionary new waterproofing product ‘Pr. Phobe Textiles & Leather’ at the Paris Trade Show held in April.

    • Technitoit opened its 3rd and 4th franchises in Dijon and Metz, bringing the total number of its agencies to 46.

  • • March saw the launch of ‘Technitoit: The Autonomous House’, designed to promote renewable energy-based ecology.

    • Pr. Phobe launched its range of glazing protection products for the building industry in October: Smart Windows and Smart Anti-Graffiti Windows.

  • • Researchers from the Pr. Phobe Lab discovered and developed new and innovative surface protection products including Pr. Phobe Anti-Graffiti (for stone, plaster and concrete). The laboratory's products are in high demand by customers from all over the world (Europe, Middle East and Asia).

    • Technitoit is continuing its development under its franchising scheme. The company now has 16 franchised agencies across France.

  • Founding of Europe Energie

    • Launch of Europe Energie, a company specialising in renewable energy for private consumers. Through Europe Energie, Ben Touch Group is expanding its eco-friendly offering aimed at making tomorrow's world a cleaner and healthier place to live.

    • New innovative, ecological and environmentally friendly products from the Pr. Phobe Lab are launched on the market. These include waterproofing, cleaning and deodorising products, to mention but a few newcomers to its shoe protection range.

  • • Founding of Moodmask, a company specialising in the production of medical masks and other health protection equipment. Moodmask is committed to helping professionals and private individuals acquire certified and safe equipment during the coronavirus pandemic.

    • 8 new Technitoit franchises were opened, bringing the total up to 24 agencies in France.

    • Ben Touch Group developed a brand new, innovative internal information system as the cornerstone of its ongoing investment in digital strategy.


The Group has received several awards


Performance Award in the category ‘Growth in Western France’, awarded by Les Echos and Air France-American Express Corporate Card.


Self-Made Success for Western France, the Victoires Nationales Promise Award organised by the Harvard Business School Club in France and Mazars.


Innovation Award for E-cassini, at CES Las Vegas.