Within the Group, Research and Development is led by a multi-disciplinary team specialising in the design of new solutions to functionalise and improve the properties of materials.

Our team researches, develops, characterises, tests and manufactures products for all body types. Molecular design responds to the desired properties, type of surface and functionalisation. .

These new products improve the performance of treated surfaces. They acquire the desired properties: hydrophobic (water-repellent), easy to clean, anti-stain, anti-scale, anti-graffiti, anti-corrosion, refreshing/reflective, etc...

The in-house team develops processes that can be easily industrialised and ensures that products are compliant before they are put on the market.


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Head of Research and Development

Research and Development Engineer

Technician - Applicator

quoteHaving an in-house research laboratory is a precious resource for a group like Ben Touch. The link between the field and the laboratory allows us to be ever more responsive and precise in the development of our products..

Danielle – Research engineer

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