Supporting and backing

Supporting tomorrow’s projects

Leveraging growth

Benjamin Erisoglu and the Ben Touch management team have pursued a policy of massive investment, both internally and externally. How do we do it? By anticipating developments in the various markets with a long-term vision. This investment strategy has paid off, with the group now enjoying exponential growth. . .

Supporting and backing

Ben Touch supports and accompanies the companies of tomorrow. In addition to the financial investment, the Ben Touch Digital creative agency provides entrepreneurs with unfailing support. From product packaging and shop design to website creation and acquisition strategy, our experts work on every project..

Developing the energies of the future

What all our development strategies have in common is massive investment in green energy. With the work of the R&D laboratory on the one hand, and investments in young start-ups with high environmental added value on
the other, Ben Touch is committed to
« green » investment..

Increased support for R&D laboratory research

The R&D laboratory is one of the cornerstones of the Group’s exponential growth. Here, a team of experienced researchers works day in, day out to develop and manufacture innovative new formulas. More than €10m has already been invested in the laboratory since its creation..